Eli Gal explains about Brian Train
The Flexible Mind - How Does It Work?
Are you activating your the brain like Bill Gates? If not, you should sign up for a Mind training gym
Eli Gal is interviewed by Dr. Carasso

Brain Train the Institute for Memory Improvement and Brain Training

"Where did I put the keys?"
"The word is on the tip of my tongue ..."
"Remind me, what's your name?"

Brain Train since 2008, a fitness center for the mind, has coached and trained hundreds of clients aged 40 and over who are aware of the need to improve and maintain cognitive fitness. Adult memory exercises not only improve cognitive fitness but also improve the quality of life. It is already known that brain training improves memory, attention, concentration, spatial perception, information processing and response speed. Regular brain training may, in high probability, delay the appearance of Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia.

It is important to train the brain, just as we train the body!

You are not alone; as you get older there is a natural decrease in brain fitness. It turns out that this is not irreversible. At the Brain Train Brain Fitness Center, you will be able to train in a pleasant atmosphere. There are experienced trainers that accompany you and provide you with customized programs and professional training. Experts in the development of brain enhancement and strengthening exercises have created computer programs for us that include adult memory games that are not difficult and will allow you to feel better and more importantly, to maintain your cognitive ability. To schedule a free trial session at the Brain Fitness Center, call today: 09-77-100-36 It is important to practice and maintain cognitive fitness!

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